To tell or not to tell – that is the question. I’ve been e-mailing a girl for a bit and she’s way cool. She suggested we meet – for cow’s milk or wine (the milk thing is a reference to my profile). Obviously I commented back in a booze-free way.
Her reply said “let’s grab a cocktail.”
I can handle this in a humorous way or do I deal with it when the time comes? I wrestle with his due to past experience…
I dated one girl a few times and I had a hunch she had a problem. When I told her I was sober over dinner she said “this will never work.” At the end of the night she was a bottle of Pinot deep and still wanted to see if I wanted to go back to her place and “knock boots.” I declined.
Another girl I cared for way more – and she cared for me. When we had “the talk” she said it would not work because I was sober.
Both women said I need to put that on the table as soon as possible so the other person can decide if it’s a road they want to go down. But… Does is that just allowing someone to judge the stereotype and not me?
I don’t have a solution today… More will be revealed.