Have I mentioned that I was doing some online dating? I was. My match.com subscription expired. I learned a lot and will likely write a little more about it as time goes on, but for now I just want to write about a dating theory a woman I met on match previously ran by me. I think it’s valid… The Jurassic Park “filling in with the wrong DNA” Theory of Dating.

If you remember the movie Jurassic Park, the whole premise of the movie was taking dinosaur fossil DNA and filling in with frog DNA. The problem was, they filled in with the wrong DNA… and all hell broke loose on the island.

The theory applies to dating in that you meet someone and you see what you like and start to attach all these kinds of attributes to them (the wrong DNA). Later you find it *was* the wrong DNA. In and of itself, that’s not bad… that’s kinda the way love is supposed to go… so by the time you figure out they leave their socks on the floor, or drink out of the milk container, you really love them… and it’s ok.

Bringing this to online dating – it *really* lends itself to filling in with dramatically wrong DNA. First, I tell you the DNA I want you to see… then, you fill in what you want. Sometimes, in my experience, I’ve gotten to know someone that resembled their profile little – if any. In one case it was good and we’re good friends… in another it wasn’t so great.

I’m not so sure what other people’s experience is with online dating and the right or wrong DNA… I’d love to hear…