Like all kids, my dad gave me a lot of advice and passed on many words of
wisdom, which I largely ignored. There are a few gems, however, that have stuck
in my head. Regarding relationships, he said something about not really knowing
someone until you travel with them. Having traveled with a fair number of people
I’ve dated, I’ll give a nod to my dad on that one.

Since I’ve been back in the dating pool for a bit and on an airplane, I
recalled his words not only because of my behavior but because of the behavior
of others. On the way out, I was ok. On the way back, I was pretty much a
jackass and glad I wasn’t in a committed relationship with anyone.

As for the behavior of others… that’s another story…

Given what I do for a living, I assume everyone knows there are three red
Lifesaver’s candies to a roll (and everyone most likely does). On one of the
legs of my trips, I sat next to a couple.  I was in the middle seat next to the
wife; her husband on the other side of the aisle. Feeling like crap, I tried to
sleep, meditate, anything to keep my mind of feeling sick. Then I noticed
something. Very sweetly, he reached across the aisle and placed a red Lifesaver
on her napkin. She squirmed in her seat with joy. Somewhere deep inside I
smiled. A short time later, he did it again, and she had the same response. They
were like two high school kids, passing notes in study hall. On one hand I had
so much hope, so much joy, and at the same time, tears rolled from my eyes.

On the return trip, I sit next to another couple. I on the aisle, they in the
middle and window seats, glued to the window. When we reached cruising altitude,
they broke out a picnic lunch. They had clearly baked muffins for the trip. They
measured out individual servings of almonds and cheese. Again, they shared just
like two school kids, all the while pointing out rock formations and fault

Just about the time I start thinking romance is hopeless, I see things like
this. I see that people truly can be together and live Happily Ever After (sort
of). If anything it shows me that when two people love each other, the share,
they care considerate and most of all the seem to love the other person the way
they want to be loved.