Real life is never as spectacular as the movies. Shame though, right? I mean – the same people who write that shit live in our world – so you’d think that every once in a while something might just happen like it happens in the movies.

It’s like this… a while back I sent a random email and asked a girl to something where I needed a date. We knew each other and had… eh… gone out (or something closely resembling that) a couple of times so I figured what the heck. To my astonishment, she said yes. Seriously, I was shocked. I’m not fugly or anything – I just didn’t think she’d go. And when we talked about it later, she thought I sent it to her accidentally.

But I digress…

We went out that night and had a great time. We sat in my car until 2 am talking. No really. We just talked. For the next several weeks we did the same… went out, had an awesome time and sat in my car until the wee hours… just talking.

We had a great connection, could talk about everything from the most serious and important topics to the most silly and random. We were actually pretty good for each other. And yeah, it seemed to be going somewhere. And yes, I made my move in one of those wee hour sessions. Kissing her was magic and my stomach sunk to my toes.

A couple of days later it unraveled. Seems a straight girl had more of her mind and heart than me – so it makes sense why it was so long before we were sucking the white off each others teeth, eh? I don’t compete so I bowed out and put the ball in her court… when she was ready to hang out (as friends) she was free to give me a ring.

My apologies for a detail here, but I had asked her to a party then took my cycling buddy who I eventually ended up dating for a while. Yep – I got the “unfriending” on FB which I understand. Who would want to see that?

I accidentally pocket dialed my late-light chat buddy and got a reply text that said she was excited to hear from me… I was confused, hurt and angry. Really? Happy. WTF? So why hasn’t my phone rung in, oh, six months?

What does this have to do with movies? I was invited to a birthday party of someone we both know and if this were a movie I would have gone. I imagine our eyes would have met across the club and in that instant we’d have known that for all these long months we’ve not stopped thinking about each other. That we both know we’ve got what it takes to make a solid go of it. In a moment I’d recognize that she figured out I could meet her needs instead of continuing to chase after people she knows will hurt her in the end. Now *that* would have been a great ending, no?

Instead I topped off a great day of snowboarding with sushi and ice cream snuggled under a blanket with my critters. Why? Let’s be honest, while I’m a hopeless romantic and anything but a realist I have come to believe a couple of things:

Things happen for a reason. Our time together was pretty brief, but I know I gained a great deal. She was an integral part of my dating growth in 2011 and I’ll be forever grateful. She added so much in such a short time.

It takes more strength to let go. Thinking, obsessing, mental masturbation… all of that is easy. The hard thing is letting someone go. Stopping the momentum of thought and emotion takes vigilance. It also takes patience and compassion for yourself. That’s true love.