Sometimes it helps to know a bit about who’s writing this, eh?

I’ve come to believe people should come with some sort of label akin to nutrition labels…Mine might look like this:

– Core Values (consisting of one or more of the following: honesty, reliability, responsibility, willingness, compassion)
– Intelligence
– Humor
– Athleticism
– Spirituality
– Sarcasm
*Other ingredients in trace amounts…

Mostly I think I’m a big bundle of dichotomies. I’ll run in the rain just to get dirty yet love sliding on my little black dress for an evening at the Kennedy Center. I eat mostly vegetarian, but there are days I’d arm-wrestle someone for a 5 Guys burger. I bought a sensible car and a place in the suburbs… conversely, I go through periods where I long for a little cabin in the woods and a beat up pickup truck.

I do have my quirks. I’m sarcastic. I swear way too much. I’m active – and I mean really active. I don’t kill bugs. The down side here is if you ever ride in a car with me, I’ll likely give you whiplash over killing a squirrel. Consider yourself warned…